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Our Heroes

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Note: Vehicles, Ships and Ship Equipment are still being worked on. Please ask the GM for specifics.

Star Trek
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Retired Heroes

Seis Went on a personal quest. He will not return.
Dr. Bevans Stuck around long enough to repair Harry's armor, misdirected Dark Revynn and has now gone off on his own. Maybe he will return some time in the future...

Heroes Gone NPC

Thalen A quiet party helper there to assist when needed. Also the CMO for the Hujinn.
Gandolv A good Resistance Pilot. Now aboard the Hujinn and acting as CAG.
Xexilia Has joined the group on missions before. Will be off on her own for a time.
Ylldu A loyal Historian who had to take his leave of the group for personal reasons, but will join with them on a select few missions in the future as needed.
Jehanna The Player running Jehanna has dropped off the map. Jehanna is currently the XO for the Hujinn and the group. She has also been transforming into something due to the scarabs, though no one knows what.
Coopee A very unusual ewok, to say the least.
Gwendolyn A good Jedi, completely reliable.
Sork CEO (Chief Engineering Officer), skilled at nearly everything Technical, and a great slaffer!
Annika A disgruntled Resistance operative gone rogue. She is now Anla'shok.

Fallen Heroes

Olaiya Gave her life serving others. Also finding an alternate exit out of an ancient chamber for the group and taking control of the droids in the chamber so they could avoid the time delay and have a chance to escape with the second scarab.
Lacrimo Lost to time and space after being killed on the Hujinn in a sneak attack by an unknown assailant. Note that 'Lacrimo' later turned out to be a clone, so who knows if she is really dead...
Revynn Felled defending the team from a Dark Jedi called Snake while infiltrating an Imperial Garrison on an extraction mission for Crix Madine. Too bad the extraction was cancelled.
Aka Cool Jawa, but was killed by the Dark Jedi, Snake.
Khalida Killed while being heroic and saving 300+ beings from an ISD II exploding.
Dasch Killed by being on "The List" at the worst possible time...

Fallen NPC's

Elshaila Killed defending the group from a Dark Jedi.
Sil'Maloot Killed defending the group from a Dark servant of Lord Bod'e.

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Home Page
House Rules Page 1
House Rules Page 2
House Rules Page 3
House Rules Page 4
Character Data