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House Rules, Part III

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Character Data


Talents are rolled for after the Characters' background has been written to determine if that character is the child of another NPC or not.
The initial 7D will be placed after any Talents have been determined. A PC may have up to 3 Talents.
They are determined by rolling 1-3 on a D6. Once a 1,2 or 3 has been rolled, percentile dice are rolled to see what the Talent will be. If the roll is an Attribute then the PC may choose any skill under that Attribute.
Force Talents: PC's who roll Force Talents must keep them even if they have no skills in the Force and are not Force Sensitive.
Inheritance: Characters who are the offspring of NPC's have a 70% chance of inheriting the same gifts possessed by either parent. If the roll is 70 or less, the PC may choose up to three Talents from either parent. Droid PC's may not have Talents.
When a PC wishes to increase a Talent, he or she spends half the number of CP's as if it were a specialized skill. Talents also give a bonus of doubling pips received from schools. Talents also flow down to all Specializations so that the cost to raise such is only 1/4th the normal cost. Specializations receive the same bonus from schools. The cost is still only 1/2 normal. Specializations can be chosen if the PC rolls on the Skills Table below and has allocated 1D of their initial 7D in this area.

* Skills have been moved and/or renamed.
* New skills added.

1st Roll

2nd Roll/
3rd Roll





01-04 Acrobatics: (Flip, Roll, Balance, etc.) Skill for moving with agility. This skill has been used in connection with others, such as Climbing/Jumping and Dodge.
05-08 Archaic Guns: Specializations: Black powder pistol, matchlock, musket, wheelock or any other weapon type.
09-12 Armor Weapons: (Wrist laser, rope launcher, etc.) Using ranged weapons attached to armor. Usually specialized.
13-20 Blaster: Specializations: Blaster pistol, heavy blaster pistol, blaster rifle, hold-out blaster, repeating blaster or any other weapon type.
21-24 Blind Fighting: See Brawling Combat below. An extremely rare system of combat that does not require sight (penalties to vision do not affect fighting skill). Developed only by a few races with extremely poor vision, this skill is generally unknown. It may be compatible with some Brawling Combat specializations.
25-26 Bowcaster: Specializations: none
27-29 Bows: Specializations: Crossbow, long bow, short bow or other weapon type.
30-34 Concussion Rifle: (None) Uncommon weapon skill.
35-39 Contortion: (None.) Turning one's body in a way in which most beings cannot. Also for dislocating joints
40-43 Dance: (Formal, Exotic, etc.) Self-explanatory.
44-49 Dodge: Specializations: Attacks versus energy weapons, slugthrowers, missile weapons, etc.
50-53 Firearms: Specializations: Pistols, rifles, machine guns or any other weapon type.
54-58 Grenade: Specializations: none
59-62 Lightsabre: Specializations: none
63-67 Melee Combat: Specializations: Swords, knives, axes, vibroblades, vibroaxes and any other weapon type. Non-powered melee weapons (normal blades versus vibroblades) are different specializations.
68-69 Missile Weapons: Specializations: Concussion missile, grenade launcher, power harpoons, or other weapon type
70-74 Neutron Weapons: (Rifle, Heavy weapons) Uncommon Weapon Skill. Neutron weapons are used almost exclusively by the Selenian race.
75-79 Pick Pocket: Specializations: none. Stealing items from another person, and also sleight-of- hand attempts; i.e. trying to conceal a small blaster or datacard in the palm of the hand.
80-82 Plasma Weapons: (Pistol, Rifle, etc.) Uncommon weapon skill.
83-86 Pulse-Wave Weapons: (Specific weapon type- pistol, rifle, etc.) Skill covering pulse-wave weapons, which preceded blasters and are obsolete long before the rise of the Empire.
87-91 Running: Specializations: long distance or short sprint.
92-95 Simultaneous Attack: Specializations: Blaster w/ Blaster, Melee w/ Melee, Lightsaber w/ Lightsaber, etc.
96-00 Thrown Weapons: Specializations: Knife, spear, sling or any other weapon type.




1 Bargain: Specializations: Specific product (spice, weapons, etc.)
2 Command: Specializations: Specific troops
3 Con: Specializations: Specific type of con
4 Forgery: Specializations: Specific type of document
5 Gambling: Specializations: Specific type of game
6 Hide: Specializations: none
7 Investigation: Specializations: Specific environment to be investigated (Mos Eisley, Imperial City, etc.)
8 Persuasion: Specializations: Specific subject
9 Search: Specializations: Tracking
10 Sneak: Specializations: Any specific terrain type




1-2 Brawling Combat: Specializations: None
3-4 Climbing/Jumping: Specializations: Climbing or jumping
5 Flight: (None) Applies to winged species only
6 Lifting: Specializations: none
7-8 Stamina: Specializations: none
9 Swimming: Specializations: none
10 Tunneling: (None) Applies to certain species only




01-03 Agriculture: (by plant type) Knowing the properties of plants, and their uses
04-07 Alien Species: Specializations: Wookiee, Gamorrean, Ewok, Sullustan or other specific species
08-10 Art: (by specific type- writing, sculpture, painting, etc.) Covers knowledge of artistic techniques, historical knowledge of famous artists and works, and also allows analysis of the psychological aspects of a given piece of art.
11-13 Biochemistry: (Poisons.) This skill covers the creation and identification of bio- chemical compounds. It is also used for handling, analysis and general theoretical knowledge.
14-17 Bureaucracy: Specializations: Specific planetary or administrative arm of government (Tatooine, Celanon, Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Taxation). Gamemasters will have to approve sensitive or unusual specializations (Imperial Security Bureau (ISB)). Knowing how to accomplish goals by working within bureaucracy- knowing who to talk to, how to get an appointment, and knowing what one might be expected to pay or do in return.
18-21 Business: Specializations: Specific field (starships, weapons, droids) or specific company, conglomerate or trade guild (Sienar Fleet Systems, Corporate Sector Authority, Golan Arms). In addition to knowing about specific business, their products and locations, and procedures, this skill also covers knowing how to get things done in a business environment, or to get favors or preferential treatment from a business.
22-24 Business Administration: (by specific type of business) This skill covers the arrangement and management of a successful business, knowing what will be helpful or detrimental to the corporation, etc. It also covers analysis of a business administration's skill.
25-28 Culinary Arts: Used for creating and making recipes for any species and any occasion. Skill listed for servant droids, but anyone can learn it.
29-32 Cultures: Specializations: Specific species or cultural group (Corellians, members of Alderaanian royal family or similar group).
33-35 Earth Science: (Gemology, Geology, Mining, etc.) General knowledge skill, often used in identifying of rocks / minerals, knowing the uses of certain mined products, appraising gems, etc.
36-38 Ecology: (by planet- Moltok, Tattooine, Endor, Dagobah, etc.) Skill is used to identify plants and know their uses, and the function of animals within the ecosystem. Knowledge of ecology can help in some long-term Survival rolls, and can also be used to predict what will happen to an ecosystem when elements are changed.
39-41 Filing Systems: (by group of people- The Empire, BlasTech corporation, etc.) Knowing what kinds of information the group in question keeps, how it is stored, and what kinds of security might be involved in acquiring it.
42-44 Genetics: (none) Basic knowledge of genetics, genetic theory, and evolution. (no practical functions are listed- skill description is given with Lurrian race in HSCS)
45-48 Home Economics: (???) No description available. Skill listed for servant droids.
49-51 Humanoid Biology: (by species) Knowing details about the physiology of a race, either in theory (listing facts for a given species), or in practice (observing a species and being able to extrapolate information from appearances). This description is inferred the only listing of this skill is for medical droids.
52-55 Intimidation: Specializations: Specific types (interrogation, bullying, etc.). Creating a fear response in an individual or a group. This can take several forms. For Intimidation, the character using the skill should have a clear goal in mind (i.e. getting a specific piece of information, making people run away, etc.). If the character is not ready, willing, or able to carry out the threats, then Con (Perception skill) checks will be required.
56-60 Languages: Specializations: Specific language (Wookiee, Huttese, Bocce, Ewok). Being able to translate between languages. In most cases a character can speak at least a limited amount of other languages; though there are exceptions (for example human vocal chords usually can not articulate the Wookiee language). House Rule: Without specializing in a language, certain subtleties of that language may be overlooked. For example, slang terms are translated literally for a character without the appropriate specialization.
61-64 Law Enforcement: Specializations: Specific planet's or organization's laws and procedures (Alderaan, Tatooine; the Empire or Rebel Alliance). Knowledge of laws, punishments, the size/ability of enforcement in an area, and the procedures used by law enforcement. This skill also covers knowledge of penalties for infractions, as well as legal defenses against criminal charges, and what circumstances can affect severity of punishment.
65-67 Market Analysis: (by product: Blasters, Droids, Computers, Starfighters, etc.)
68-71 Planetary Systems: Specializations: Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Kessel or some other specific system.
72-74 Politics: (by system--Coruscant, Sarka, Bothawui, etc.) Simliar to Bureaucracy and Cultures, this skill governs knowledge of a location's government and the influences on it. This skill covers prediction of what type of reaction a given idea might have in a political arena.
75-78 Scholar: (by area of knowledge- Starships, Trade Routes, Jedi Lore, Military History, etc) This skill covers "book learning-" factual knowledge that can be recited upon command, but does not involve any experience in the subject matter.
79-82 Streetwise: Specializations: Specific planet or criminal organization (Coruscant, Celanon, Corellia, Jabba the Hutt's organization, Talon Karde's organization).
83-87 Survival: Specializations: Volcano, jungle, desert, poisonous atmosphere or other specific hostile environment.
88-90 Tactics: (Fleets, Capital Ships, Starfighters, Planetary Defense, Sieges, Squads, Ground Assault) Knowing how to use groups of people in battle.
91-93 Technology: none. Used to determine what a new piece of equipment does and how to work it.
94-96 Value: Specializations: Specific planet's markets (Kessel, Coruscant) or a specific type of goods (starships, blasters, droids).
97-00 Willpower: Specializations: Specific resistance type (versus persuasion, intimidation, etc.). To be used as a substitute skill for Stamina, though the difficulty is usually higher. Willpower is also used to resist Intimidation attempts.




01-02 Animal Handling: (same as Riding) This skill covers taming and training of animals.
03-05 Archaic Starship Piloting: Specializations: Specific ship type.
06-09 Astrogation: Specializations: Specific routes between systems (the Kessel Run, Tatooine to Coruscant, etc.)
10-11 Battle Station Piloting: (Golan II battle station, Death Star, etc.) Piloting skill used when moving large space-based structures. Although actually moving a starbase or battle station is uncommon, the structure can sustain catastrophic damage if the maneuvering is done incorrectly.
12-14 Beast Riding: Specializations: Banthas, Cracian Thumpers, dewbacks, tauntauns or other specific animal.
15-18 * Blaster Artillery: (Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Infantry, Surface-to-Space.) Large, stationary weapons, most of which require more than one person to operate. --Moved to Mechanical from Dexterity.
19-21 Capital Ship Gunnery: Specializations: Concussion missiles, gravity well projectors, ion cannons, laser cannon, proton torpedos, tractor beams, turbolaser or other weapon type.
22-24 Capital Ship Piloting: Specializations: Imperial Star Destroyer, Victory Star Destroyer, Nebulon-B Frigate, Mon Calamari Battle Cruiser, or other specific ship model.
25-27 Capital Ship Shields: Specializations: none
28-30 Communications: Specializations: none
31-35 Computer Operations: (none) As distinguished from Programming and Repair.
36-38 Gliders: (none) Piloting skill for non-powered air vehicles.
39-41 Ground Vehicle Operation: Specializations: Specific vehicle. Driving skill for ground-based vehicles with either wheels or treads, may cover those with skids also (vehicles designed for snow). These vehicles will usually be found only on low-technology worlds.
42-44 Hover Vehicle Operation: Specializations: Specific vehicle. Driving skill for hover vehicles. One step above ground vehicles, but below repulsorlifts, hover vehicles will be found on worlds where repulsorlift technology has not been developed, or on worlds where conditions make repulsorlift operation impractical.
45-49 * Jet/Rocket Pack Ops: (Jet Pack or Rocket Pack). Piloting skill for personal thruster packs. -- Note: This was originally two skills; Jet Pack Operations and Rocket Pack Operations, according to WEG rules. There seems to be little point in making the distinction.
51-53 Nautical Craft Piloting: (by vehicle type) Includes surface craft and submersibles.
54-56 Planetary Shields: (by specific model or type of shield) Shield control skill for powerful planet-based defense shields.
57-59 Podracer Operations: (none) Driving skill for podracers. Now nearly obsolete, as podracers have been replaced by swoops.
60-62 Powersuit Operation: Specializations: Specific type of suit.
63-68 Repulsorlift Operation: Specializations: Specific vehicle model.
69-70 Sensors: Specializations: none
71-74 Space Transports: Specializations: YT-1300 transport, Gallofree medium transports, Corellian Action VI transports or other specific starship model.
75-80 Starfighter Piloting: Specializations: X-wing, A-wing, TIE Interceptor, TIE/In, Skipray Blastboat, Z-95 Headhunter or other specific starship.
81-84 Starship Gunnery: Specializations: Concussion missiles, ion cannon, proton torpedoes, turbolaser or other weapon type.
85-87 Starship Shields: Specializations: none
88-92 Swoop Operation: Specializations: none
93-96 * Vehicle Weapons: (Laser Cannon, Blaster Cannon, Concussion Grenade, etc.) --formerly Vehicle Blasters, moved from Dexterity. This skill covers the use of vehicle-mounted weapons.
97-00 Walker Operation: Specializations: AT-AT, AT-ST or specific walker model.




01-03 Archaic Starship Repair: (by ship type- Orion class, etc.)
04-06 Armor Repair: Specializations: Type of armor.
07-09 Blaster Repair: Specializations: Blaster pistols, surface-to-surface, heavy blaster cannon or other specific weapon type.
10-12 Capital Starship Repair: Specializations: Imperial Star Destroyer, Corellian Corvette, or specific model.
13-15 Capital Starship Weapon Repair: Specializations: Type of weapon
16-19 Computer Programming/Repair: Specializations: Type of computer
20-22 Concussion Weapon Repair: none
23-25 Demolition: Specializations: Target type (bridges, walls, vehicles, etc.)
26-28 Droid Programming:Specializations: Astromech droids, protocol droids, probe droids, or other specific type of droid
29-31 Droid Repair: Specializations: Astromech droids, protocol droids, probe droids, or other specific type of droid
32-34 Encryption: (none) Scrambling or otherwise making a message unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient
35-37 Firearms Repair: (by specific type pistol, rifle, shotgun.)
38-41 First Aid: Specializations: Species of victim.
42-44 Ground Vehicle Repair: Specializations: Specific type of vehicle.
45-47 Hover Vehicle Repair: Specializations: Specific type of hover vehicle.
48-50 Jet/Rocket Pack Repair: (Jet Pack or Rocket Pack)
51-53 Lightsabre Repair: None
54-56 Melee Weapon Repair: (by specific weapon- vibroblade, vibroaxe, force pike, gaffi stick)
57-59 Missile Weapon Repair: (by specific weapon)
60-62 Nautical Craft Repair: (Specific type)
63-65 Neutron Weapon Repair: (by type- pistol, rifle, etc.) Uncommon weapon repair skill- Neutron weapons are used exclusively by the Selenian race
66-68 Plasma Weapon Repair: Specific type
69-72 Primitive Construction: (by item to be constructed - Tent, Fire, Catapult, Bow, Clothing)
73-75 Prosthetic Repair: (Specific brand or limb)
76-78 Pulse-Wave Weapon Repair: (Pistol, Rifle, etc.) Uncommon repair skill
79-81 Repulsorlift Repair: Specializations: Specific vehicle
82-85 Security: Specializations: Type of lock device
86-89 Space Transports Repair: Specializations: YT-1300 transport, Ghtroc freighter or other specific type of transport
90-94 Starfighter Repair: Specializations: X-wing, Y-wing or other specific starfighter
95-97 Starship Weapon Repair: Specializations: Concussion missiles, ion cannons, laser cannon, proton torpedoes, turbolaser or other weapon type
98-00 Walker Repair: Specializations: AT-AT, AT-ST or other specific vehicle




1-2 Control
3-4 Sense
5-6 Alter
7 Control and Sense
8 Control and Alter
9 Sense and Alter
10 Control, Sense and Alter




01-02 Alien Biology: Alien Species 5D
03-04 Armor Training: Dodge, Lifting, and Running at 4D or higher. Armor training represents a character's ability to overcome the weight and awkwardness of different types of armor. Each die in Armor Training reduces the Dexterity penalty for wearing armor by one pip; 3D in Training will remove a full die of penalty. Armor training also serves to enhance the basic uses of Powersuit Ops. Specializations: Specific kinds of armor; stormtrooper armor, snowtrooper armor, Corellian Powersuits, etc.
05-06 Artificial Intelligence: Droid Programming 5D, Computer Programming 5D, Computer Repair 5D. Uses for this skill include adding a thinking AI to a software package, creating a better interface for human-computer communications, and improving current droid and computer protocols.
07-08 Beast Taming: Beast Riding 5D
09-10 Computer Intrusion: Computer Programming 5D
12-13 * Dual Pistol Fighting: Requirements: Dexterity 3D, Strength 3D and Blaster 6D. This skill allows characters to use a blaster pistol in each hand simultaneously. A character with this skill may fire twice in the same action phase and it doesn't count as a multiple action. Example: Chris declares that his character, Major West, will shoot and dodge with his two blaster pistols. As his character has Dual Pistol fighting, Chris may fire two shots in his first action phase (using his Dual Pistol Fighting skill). Both the shots will suffer -1D to the relevant skill (due to the fact that the character is doing two actions).
14-15 * Dual Melee Combat: Requirements: Dexterity 3D, Strength 3D, Melee Combat 6D. This skill allows characters to use a Melee weapon in each hand simultaneously. A character with this skill may strike twice in the same action phase and it doesn't count as a multiple action. Example: Chris declares that his character, Major West, will strike and Parry with his two vibro blades. As his character has Dual Melee Combat, Chris may strike twice in his first action phase (using his Dual Melee Combat skill). Both the strikes will suffer -1D to the relevant skill (due to the fact that the character is doing two actions).
16-17 Engineering, Archaic Starship: Archaic Starship Repair 5D
18-19 Engineering, Armor: Armor Repair 5D
20-21 Engineering, Energy Weapons: Blaster Repair 5D
22-23 Engineering, Bowcaster: Bowcaster Repair 5D
24-26 Engineering, Capitol Ship: Capitol Ship Repair 5D
27-29 Engineering, Cloning Technology: [A]Medicine: Cloning 4D, Firt Aid 6D
30-32 Engineering, Computer: Computer Program 5D, Computer Repair 5D
33-35 Engineering, Droid: Droid Programming and Droid Repair 5D
36-38 Engineering, Firearms: Firearms Repair 5D
39-41 Engineering, Ground Vehicle: Ground Vehicle Repair 5D
42-44 Engineering, Hover Vehicle: Hover Vehicle Repair 5D
45-47 Engineering, Lightsaber: The prerequisites for this Advanced skill are all three Force Powers at 5D minimum, Lightsaber Repair 5D, plus a Master (double cost and time with no master).
48-50 Engineering, Melee Weapon: Melee Weapon Rpair 5D
51-52 Engineering, Missile Weapon: Missile Weapon Repair 5D [covers rockets, concussions missiles and proton torpedoes]
53-55 Engineering, Nautical Craft: Nautical Craft Repair 5D
56-58 Engineering, Repulsorlift: Repulsorlift Repair 5D
59-61 Engineering, Software: Computer Ops 5D, Computer Program/Repair 5D
62-64 Engineering, Starship Weapon: Capitol Ship and Starship Weapon Repair 5D
65-67 Engineering, Starship: Starfighter Repair, Space Transport Repair and Capitol Ship Repair at 5D
68-70 Engineering, Walker: Walker Repair 5D
71-73 Explosives: Requires Demolitions 5D. Allows explosives to be made out of unconventional items or devices (droid brain, burst capacitor from a weapon, etc). This skill also helps when making improvised explosives (blaster power pack bomb, etc.) and reduces the risk to the character when making them.
74-76 Galactography: Planetary Systems 5D
77-79 Linguistics: Languages 5D or to maximum for species. Skill used in the examination of new languages.
80-82 Martial Arts: Brawling Combat 5D and/or Melee Combat 5D (depends on type)
83-85 Magician: Con 5D + minimum Dexterity of 3D+2
86-88 Medicine: (by types- Surgery, Cyborging, Herbal, Primitive, Bacta Tank, etc.) Requires 5D in First Aid. This is an advanced medical skill, used in the operation of bacta tanks, and high-level medical procedures (see specializations) that are not covered by simple First Aid.
89-91 Sense Motive: (none) Opposed skill for Persuasion or Con, but it may have other uses also. The skill involves determining another individual's true intentions and motives ("person reading").
92-94 Slicing: With this skill, a slicer can break into a system and steal/alter files and data packets, leave false trails, implant computer viruses, and perform other general computer altering operations.
95-96 Sniper: Blaster 5D, Firearms 5D or appropriate skill at 5D
97-98 Speed Drawing: (Type of weapons, including all types of Melee, Thrown, or Ranged- blaster pistol, lightsabre, throwing knife.) -Requires at least 5D of skill in the weapon to be used in connection with this skill.
99-00 Wrestling: Brawling Combat 5D. Wrestling is a combat skill used for fighting hand-to-hand without the use of weapons. Wrestling is a trained discipline that can take many forms and many years to perfect. For each full 'D' in Wrestling the character gains one skill (See table of skills). When buying Wrestling the first time the character gains the skills below. Note: Skills may only be used if the character is using straight Wrestling, i.e. not combined with Brawling. Starting skills: Forearm Smash (Easy Difficulty, STR+1D Damage) and The Big Boot (Moderate Difficulty, STR+2D Damage) Overkill: The level of success for some Wrestling moves are greatly affected by how well they are carried off by the Wrestler. The measure of this success is called Overkill. If a move is subject to the Overkill rules and the Wrestler succeeds in hitting his opponent, use the table below to add additional damage to the damage roll for that move.
Roll to hit target above difficulty by Damage Bonus
1-5 --
6-10 +1
11-15 +2
16-20 +1D
21-25 +1D+1
26-30 +2D
31+ +2D+1




1 Choose any Dexterity skill
2 Choose any Perception skill
3 Choose any Strength skill
4 Choose any Knowledge skill
5 Choose any Mechanical skill
6 Choose any Technical skill

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