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The List
Psycho News Letter (still in the works)
Psycho Toys
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Psycho History (still in the works)

That's right - you best be checkin' out these pages or you'll be on my


You can't hide from me! I've already scanned your mug and stored it for future reference.

The weapon I'm holding can take down a gundark with one shot. It is currently obsolete.
See my Psycho Toys page for the good stuff. The boots I'm wearing are Jump Boots. I don't
need them to get to you if you end up on my list. And just so you know, I don't need weapons
to kill you. So, get your Psychon, eat some popcorn and check out the site! Make sure you
talk to my personal biographer about any scuttlebutt you hear so I can confirm it before
he enters it into the latest copy of the Psycho News Letter you have already subscribed to.