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So, you want to join this group, eh? No problem.
Just follow the few steps listed below to make a character and you'll be on your way.

  1. The first thing you should do is Contact the GM to make sure there are openings. Once a slot is confirmed, move on down the list to number 2.
  2. Game Master Note: You need to be aware that this campaign is Heroes-based and evil characters are not generally allowed. There are, of course, exceptions, but they are extremely rare.
  3. Please read the first four sections of the House Rules. If you wish to be a Jedi you are also required to read the following three sections: Jedi Info, Lightsabre Forms and Force Powers. Sorry, they are a bit long-winded, but required to join.
    Please Note: This game uses the WEG D6 Second Edition Rules (yeah, I know; old hat right?). If you are unfamiliar with them start by reading the House Rules, they'll help. If you are still having trouble ask the Game Master for assistance. There is also the Documents page that has download links for all the books.
  4. Go to the Character Creation Data page and select a character type by clicking on Character Templates. You can also be a droid, but they need to have an owner and come with many additional restrictions. However, they can also be fun if played right. Click here to see what there are for choices.
    Before making your selecion you need to be aware of the character types already in play. Go to Our Heroes to see what has been selected, as some of them have a limit of one per campaign.
  5. Once you have decided on a Character Type you need to select a Species. If you want to be a human, you're practically done as the template choices are all based on human stats. However, if you want to be something other than human go to the Alien Species section and find one you like out of the 393 currently available.
  6. If you have looked through the Character Templates and Alien Species sections and still can't decide, you can always make one up and submit it to the GM for approval.
  7. So what's next? Well, you need a background or history. It can be simple or detailed, the choice is yours to make. Another page that can help you answer questions about your Character and come up with a name is the Player Questions page. If you know the planet of birth, great! You can get started. If you need a few suggestions try the Sample Homeworlds section. You say nothing fits from the list? No problem! Make it up. Just make sure to include as much information as you can. For help with the layout, go to the Sample Planet page to see how the GM does it. Note: you can be born in space to avoid the whole planet thing, if you want to.
  8. Now that you have decided on a character and created a history/background, you can click on over to the PC Gear and Equipment section to outfit him or her. All characters start with gear, but each item can be exchanged at its listed value for something else of equal value. A good background and GM approval will allow additional items. If you don't see what you are looking for you can try the Favorite Links or the Featured Items sections. Still can't locate that cool item? Send an email to the Game Master and he will see what can be done about it.
  9. One more thing - since the campaign is already underway your Player Character (PC) will need to be adjusted somewhat to be on even ground with the current group. You can leave that up to the GM. You just decide where you would like to increase skills and such and the points can be spent accordingly. Of course, if you know how to spend them you can do that yourself once the GM determines how many extra Character Points (CP's) you will get.
Perhaps some explanations are in order to help understand some of the Character Creation Rules.
  1. Force Points (FP's): Very Special. Spending one doubles all Attributes and Skills for one round. You either start with 1 or 2, depending on whether you are Force Sensitive or not.
  2. Dark Side Points (DSP's): Determines how evil your character is. Once 6 DSP's are reached the PC is handed over to the GM to play as a Non-Player Character (NPC). At that point you will have to create another one. However, you can start the game with as many as 4 DSP's. Each one you take gives your PC an extra 10 CP's to spend on skills and such.
  3. Character Points (CP's): These work like smaller versions of a Force Point except that they only increase one skill by one dice for each one spent. All characters in my campaign automatically start with 10. They can be spent any time except during the same round as a Force Point.
  4. Extra Character Points (ECP's): These are basically Character Points that cannot be spent during an adventure or are left over from a previous one. This is also where all the points your character has collected are stored, with the exception of those earned during an adventure, which go into the CP category.
  5. Cyber Points (CyP's): The more of these you have the harder it is to call upon the Force (using a Force Point). That fact not withstanding, you can start with as many as you like (with GM approval, of course). Each CyP gives the character an extra 5 CP's to spend.
  6. Questions: As always, please don't hesitate to ask the GM for clarification or explanation of any rule or item. That's what he is there for. Also, now that the sight has a Search Function it should be easier to locate whaterver you need.