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Xeral Chisbi
Guild Bounty Hunter

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Background: Xeral was born to a slave family on the planet of Thermorag. His parents were shot because they were suspected of harboring escapees. When the slave owner's security broke in all they found was a little boy about the age of three standing behind his dead parents with is fathers' rifle barely held in his tiny hands.

They quickly took the small boy to accompany the owner's young daughter who was of about the same age. He was to be her playmate since her parents didn't want to hire a nanny and were too busy to help him. The small child could speak few words as his parents were afraid if he could talk they would be discovered to have born a child, as this could have resulted in him being sold off into slavery and they wanted him to be free. So he wasn't allowed to talk to his playmate and he and the girl developed their own sign language that was disguised as simple scratching of the head, hands, arms, wrists, etc.

The girls name was Arvial. She was only a few months younger than him. He stayed with her for several years and Xeral began to fall for his human owner. He stayed with her until the age of 15, when the owning family went into debt with some Trandoshans and they gave Xeral to them as payment. They took him to some world he had never heard of before, granted all he had really ever known was the planet he was on and he didn't even know the name of the place until later on.

The Trandoshans threw him into the environment with a tracker implanted into his skin. They put it in his skin while he was sleeping. He was walking around aimlessly when he heard a gunshot and climbed a nearby tree instinctively. He had no idea he could climb that fast. He then felt something weird in his arm and clawed out (painfully) the tracker chip and pitched it further into the woods. Then he quickly broke off a few sticks to make some makeshift spears. He then managed to separate and kill almost every Trandoshan hunter, as they were hunting him for sport. He then left one alive to tell them the tale of the monster that killed his comrades.

Xeral had no idea he knew how to kill, as his instinct to survive had just kicked in, but he quickly accepted it as a fact of survival. The Trandoshans eventually sent down an entire small army (more of an entire Trandoshan hunters guild) to eliminate the "terrifying beast" as he has been passed around as, but found no trace of him. As a matter of fact he had hollowed out part of a tall tree and had hid there from the natural predators on the planet, so he just did the same.

He then went on to stay on that planet for two more years helping some of the attempted prey to escape by either taking out the crew and stealing the ship, or just leaving them be while luring them all out to safety. He did this until he was about 23 when he rescued a young smuggler who said he should come with him since he needed a new shipmate after they killed his original one. The pilot taught him how to speak basic. Xeral learned he was good at picking up new languages.

He traveled with the smuggler until they took a stop at Coruscant and he went with is buddy to go meet a crime lord who owed the smuggler money. Instead of paying, the crime lord shot the smuggler (name is Jetis) causing Xeral to run away as far as he could. Xeral only had a few weapons on him that he had stolen from the Trandoshans that managed to get him out of most conflicts. He then spent his time spying and learning all he could about the crime gang.

During his research, he ran into a police force that had been tasked to do the same thing. He had better intel than they did, but they had better weapons for the job. They then combined forces and eventually took out the leader and made the crime gang crumble. Afterward the officer of the police force asked Xeral if he wanted to join regardless of the Anti-alien laws, but Xeral refused the offer politely.

Afterwards, having built up a reputation for destroying crime, he became a bounty hunter that specifically targeted crime lords and gangs, with a special focus on trandoshan sport hunters.

Physical Description: Muscular but slim and covered in blue fur with only the palms of his hands, face and the souls of his feet being bare. He is very agile. He species still lives in trees on his homeworld of Amanoa.

Personality: (Typical for Species: Sneaky and quiet, they keep to themselves. This may seem like a contrast as the Amano are social creatures among their own kind, but usually do not trust other species) Comical, copes with his traumatic past with jokes. Is friendly but is aggressive towards those he deems evil and is fiercely protective of friends.

Objective: End Trandoshan sport hunting. Help free the Wookiees. Get his past friend/secret lover back.

Quotes: "Names Cerval, former slave and now turned slaver killer. How can I help?" "Want to stalk a Hutt? Follow the smell of something worse than bantha. Want to track a Trandoshan? Follow the smell of blood. Want to track a human? Follow the smell of Imperial privilege."

Template: Guild Bounty Hunter
Prestige Class(es): Unknown
Character Name: Xeral Chisbi
Aliases: Cerval Grenate (21), Tyreol Pert (23), Swendect Glandmo (20)
Gender: Male
Species: Amano
Age: 23
Height: 1.73 meters
Weight: 68.2kg
Eye Color: Really dark brown, almost appears black
Hair Color: Dark blue
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 30
Extra Character Points: 2000
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 9/13 (walking) / 12/16 (climbing in trees)
Place of Birth: Thermorag, ORT
Homeworld: Amanoa (Mid Rim, near Hutt Space)
Source: Homemade
Guild: TBHG (Tantoka Bounty Hunter's Guild)

Dexterity 2D/4D+2: Blaster, dodge, [T] grenade, melee combat (+1D), thrown weapons
Perception 2D/4D+1: Bargain, con, forgery, gambling, hide, investigation, search, sneak (+1D)
Strength 2D/3D: Brawling combat, climbing/jumping, stamina
Knowledge 1D/3D: Alien species, cultures, [T] languages, planetary systems, survival
Mechanical 1D/3D: Astrogation, communications, repulsorlift ops, space transports, sensors
Technical 1D/3D+1: Armor repair, blaster repair, computer repair, demolitions, droid programming, droid repair, first aid, security


Special Species Abilities:
Ambidextrous: Amano can use both arms without penalty.
Prehensile Tail: The Amano can hang from their tails for an unlimited amount of time and use it to hold an object, but not something like a blaster.
Night Vision: They can see in the dark as if it were day as long as there are light sources.

Special Species Skills:
Sneak Bonus: +1D
Melee Combat Bonus: +1D

Amano, Basic, Arvial Sign (unique)

Story Factors:
This species tends to be aggressive when cornered, but make great assassins, spies and bounty hunters.

Innate Abilities:





Equipment Descriptions:

Merr-Sonn Repeater 3Z Light Repeating Blaster Rifle (LRB):
Availability: 3,X
Cost: 2000
Weight: 10kg
Body: 2D
Body Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Targeting Bonus: 0D
Ammo: 50
Range: 3-50/120/300
Damage: 6D
Notes: All LRB's can mount a Viper A-280 grenade launcher or similar weapon.

Click on image for full size

BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol:
Availability: 2,R
Cost: 500
Weight: 2kg
Body: 2D
Body Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Targeting Bonus: 0D
Ammo: 100
Range: Range: 3-10/30/120
Damage: 4D

Click on image for full size
BlasTech DL-18

Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech Blurrg-1120 Holdout Blaster
Manufacturer: Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech
Model: Blurgg-1120
Type: Hold-out blaster pistol
Availability: 3,R
Cost: 400
Weight: 1kg
Body: 2D
Body Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Targeting Bonus: 0D
Ammo: 6
Range: Range: 3-4/8/12
Damage: 3D+2
Description: The Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster was a type of hold-out blaster pistol manufactured by Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech. It sported 9 unique firing modes, including the standard single and double shot. In addition to this, the Blurrg-1120 was also customizable, as it could be modified to fire explosive bolts. The pistol was favored by the Twi'lek rebel Hera Syndulla.

The weapon was named after the blurrg, a creature native to Ryloth, the home of its manufacturer.

Click on image for full size
Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech Blurrg-1120 Holdout Blaster

Mennotor DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor Rifle:
Availability: 3,X
Cost: 5000
Weight: 4kg
Body: 2D
Body Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Skill: (s)Firearms: Rail Gun
Targeting Bonus: 0D
Ammo: 240
Range: 3-20/50/150
Damage: 3D+2(I)/6D stun
Notes: Cost per clip: 750. If neurotoxin achieves unconscious result, victim must make a Difficult Stamina roll after five minutes to revive. Five more minutes, difficulty reduced to Moderate. Two more minutes, difficulty is Easy. Targets 150-300kg; Moderate Stamina-four minutes, three minutes (Easy) and one minute (Very Easy). Targets 300+ kg; Easy Stamina-two minutes, one minute (Very Easy) and one minute (Very Easy). Toxins must be tailored to each particular species.

Click on image for full size
Mennotor DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor

Wrokix Works Medium Powered Bounty Hunter Armor:
Protects the following: Head, Neck, Torso, Shoulders, Arms, Front and Back of Legs, Buttocks and Groin.
Protection: +2D+1/+1D+1/+1D to Str and skills/-1D to Dex and skills
Powered (controlled by built-in computer)
Availability: 3,X
Cost: 80,000
Weight: 11
Body: 2D+1/1D+1
Body Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Repair Kit: Light damage 8 times or Serious damage 4 times.
This armor has excellent expansion capabilities (see below for sample).
Breath Mask: Filters must be replaced after 30 hours of continuous use.
Flash Protection: Reduces the effects of bright flashes by one half.
Macrobinoculars: Add +2D+1 to Search for objects 100-500 meters away. Scomp-linked to two weapons to reduce ranges by one level.
Example: long range becomes medium, medium becomes short.
Sensors: IR, Low-Light, Motion, UV
Passive: 100 m/+2
Scan: 200 m/+1D
Search: 300 m/+1D+1
Low-Light, Motion
Passive: 200 m/+2
Scan: 400 m/+1D
Search: 600 m/+1D+1
8 Slot Computer System with two I/O ports
Capabilities: (PWR: 4D, MEM: 14D)
Multiple Targeting: 3 slots
Sensor: 1 slot
Road Map: 1 slot
Bounty: 1 slot
Hostilities: 2 slots
Medic: 1 slot
Multiple Programs: 1 slot
Security System: Auto destruct of data and programs. Active virus for I/O ports.
Self-Destruct: Must be activated. Goes off in 1D6 rounds. 10D damage as Thermal Detonator.
Weapon Systems:
1. Dual Retractable Vibroblades: STR + 3D+2
2. Wrist Laser: 25 shot power pack. Uses Armor Weapons skill. Damage: 5D. Ranges: 3-5/25/50

Click on image for full size
Wrokix Works Medium Powered Bounty Hunter Armor