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S'gib Feasren
Outlaw Tech

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Background: Born on Filve in the Dufilvian sector, S'gib Feasren was brought up in a small family of four, his father, mother, older brother and himself. His father and mother worked at the planet’s famed spaceport, earning a modest and honest living from technician work that ranged from computer programming to capital ship repairs. Sometimes, they would bring home new and interesting parts to show the children as all Filvians enjoyed technology and machinery. Though his brother proved to be better at computers and droids, S'gib had the upper hand when it came to vehicles of all sorts.

When S'gib turned 9, the Clone Wars broke out. Thankfully, Filve was mostly spared from the conflict. Being in a sector away from the more intense fighting, having a top-quality spaceport and a race known for their technical abilities, Filve became a magnet for damaged Republic ships seeking repairs or supplies. All Filvians were welcomed to contribute their skills to the war effort, no matter how young or inexperienced and the Republic was paying good money. S'gib's entire family worked their hardest and learned the most during that period of almost constant work.

Finally, the war ended. Though the CIS had been defeated, the Republic was neither the victor nor the one to deliver the finishing blow. A new entity sprung up from the war-torn shell of the Republic like a phoenix being reborn, calling itself the Empire.

At first, everyone was optimistic, celebrating the end of the war and the coming peace that was to follow. For a short while, it did, before it slowly disappeared under the overpowering shadow of the Empire. It came in the form of new shiny star destroyers, looming protectively over the planet as demands for more such ships were being made with the help of technicians that kept the Republic Navy alive by licking its wounds.

The Clone Wars were over and yet, S'gib found himself and his people still slaving away creating war machines. Worse still…the fact that it was not just repairs and retrofits, but full on construction. Plus, there no longer remained good pay. S'gib knew that every one of his people secretly wished for the days of the Grand Republic but the Empire seemed too powerful for them to do anything about it.

Then sparks of hope began to light. News of people fighting the Empire, rebels as the holonews would call them. S'gib began planning, making sure that he would disappear so that his family would not be put in danger. Taking on the alias of Ch'tuc Grylic, he registered to work for Sienar Technologies, intending to investigate a rumor that told of a new kind of ship the Empire had started researching into that could generate gravity wells to pull ships out of slip space. S'gib knew that kind of technology would eventually come into play against any who opposed the Empire. In a twist of fate, he proved himself and got assigned to building prototypes of ships with said technology. This allowed him to sabotage the tests and slow down the development of a working prototype. Unfortunately, S'gib was eventually found out and forced to flee his planet.

Now, he goes by the name of Goro Junsac, wanted Filvian for crimes against the Empire.

Physical Description: Filvians are quadrupeds with two front legs that have dexterous three-toed feet. They have a large water and fat-storage hump along their backs, as well as several smaller body glands that serve the same function and give their bodies a distinctive "bumpy" appearance. They have a covering of short, fine hair, which ranges from light brown to yellow or white in color.

S'gib himself has a light brown coat that covers his body.

Personality: Like any good Filvian, S'gib is a good-natured being, with a fondness for communication. He is eager to learn about others and make every effort to understand the perspectives of others. Never one to start an argument, he tends to avoid confrontation, preferring to let things be at times unless he senses a very strong unease with the current state of things. From his time running as a wanted criminal, he has developed a fear of the Empire, scared of what might become of him if caught.

Objectives: Freeing his planet from Imperial control. Bring back the Grand Republic or a government similar to it.

Quotes: "That's not right...gotta fix it."
"Do this...then this...and that feels good."
"I can't wait to see this beauty come to life."
"Let's go for a test drive."
"Not the Republic Security again, it's always the Republic. Whatever happened to the Grand Republic?"

Template: Outlaw Tech: Runaway Technician
Prestige Class(es):
Character Name: S'gib Feasren
Aliases: Ch'tuc Grylic (28: fired from Sienar Tech) / Goro Junsac (20: criminal) / Wrench (24: unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Filvian
Age: 35
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 112.5kg
Eye Color: Mocha dark brown
Hair Color: Light brown
Skin: Pale brown
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 25
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 8 (all fours)/10 (standing)
Place of Birth: C'baoth City
Homeworld: Filve
ATA: ?

Dexterity 3D: Blaster 3D, dodge 3D, melee combat 3D, pick pocket 3D
Perception 3D: Bargain 3D, con 3D, hide 3D, investigation 3D, search 3D, sneak 3D
Strength 3D [4D]: Brawling combat 3D, climbing/jumping 3D, lifting 3D, stamina 3D (+2D)
Knowledge 3D [4D]: Business 3D, streetwise 3D, survival 3D (+2D), (s)survival: desert 3D+1 (+2D), technology 3D, value 3D, willpower 3D
Mechanical 3D [4D+2]: Communications 3D, powersuit ops 3D, repulsorlift ops 3D, sensors 3D
Technical 3D [5D+1]: Armor repair 3D, blaster repair 3D, capital ship repair 5D [1D], capitol ship weapon repair 3D, computer program/repair 5D [1D], demolitions 3D, droid programming 3D, droid repair 5D [1D], first aid, ground vehicle repair 5D [1D], melee weapon repair 3D, repulsorlift repair 5D [1D], security 3D, space transport repair 5D [1D], starfighter repair 3D, starship weapon repair 3D


(As) Engineering: Repulsorlift: (Repulsorlift Repair 5D)
Strength: Stamina

Special Species Abilities:

Stamina: As desert creatures, Filvians have great stamina. They automatically have +2D in stamina and survival: desert and can advance both skills at half the normal Character Point cost until they reach 8D, at which point they progress at a normal rate.
Technology Aptitude: At the time of character creation only, the character receives 2D for every 1D placed in any Technical skills.

Story Factors:

Curiosity: Filvians are attracted to new technology and unfamiliar machinery. When encountering new mechanical devices, Filvians must make a Moderate willpower roll (at a -1D penalty) or they will be unable to prevent themselves from examining the device.
Fear of the Empire: Filvians are fearful of the Empire because of its prejudice against aliens.


Filvian, Basic

Innate Abilities:





Credits: 1100

Equipment Descriptions:

Weight: kg
Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Game Notes:

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Filvian Species Background

Average height: 1.2 - 1.9 meters (on hind legs)
Hair color: Light brown to yellow or white
Distinctions: Desert adapted, technological aptitude, partially bipedal stance
Homeworld: Filve

Filvians were sentient quadrupedal ungulates indigenous to the desert planet of Filve, notable for their technical aptitude, their hardiness, and their gregarious nature.

Biology and appearance

Filvians were naturally adapted to desert environments, with large humps on their backs used to store water and fat. A series of smaller glands distributed through their bodies served the same purpose, giving them distinctively lumpy bodies, and allowing them to survive for up to thirty standard days with neither food nor water. Despite the adaptations which allowed them to survive in Filve's hot deserts, they preferred to live in cooler regions.

While normally quadrupedal, they could walk on their hind legs (though more slowly than they could on four), and use their nimble three-fingered front feet as hands.

Society and culture

Filvians were fascinated by new devices and unfamiliar machinery, and easily picked up new technical skills. From their beginnings as primitive desert dwellers, the Filvian people expanded their scientific and technical knowledge, eventually becoming among the galaxy's foremost computer programmers and technicians. The cities of Filve were also notable examples of advanced Filvian technology: each city was fully enclosed, climate-controlled, and connected with the other cities via transportation networks which made it possible to visit each mega-city without stepping outdoors.

The gregarious nature of the Filvian people led them to build a top-quality spaceport on Filve, where they could interact with members of other species. Their planet became a major center for trade and starship servicing, with branch offices of major corporations such as BlasTech Industries and Sienar. This led to unwanted Imperial attention, however. The Filvians feared the Empire's xenophobic policies, and made every effort to placate them. During their time under Imperial rule, most Filvians longed for the days of the Galactic Republic. In 6 ABY, they threw their support behind the New Republic.