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Marcos Dregs
Immortal Pilot

Marcos Dregs

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Marcos Dregs was born in the year 580 BBY on a remote settlement of Naboo. His life, up to a point, was one of ruggedness and hard work. As it was during the time of the Great Peace, Marcos lived a moderately carefree life working as a farmer's son. He rose and slept with the sun, each workday dictated by how much light they had. It was a humble childhood, with the exception of his imagination. He dreamed of being one of the famed Jedi Knights, with a lightsaber in hand, and he felt a connection with the universe. Sadly, it took a Jedi Knight to reveal to young Marcos that he was not force sensitive at all. The news devastated him, and he threw away the toy sword that he had played with. The Jedi felt pity, returned young Marcos his sword, and gave him a motto that would be remembered for years following that event.

"One does not need to be a Jedi to protect the weak and innocent."

Marcos took those words and stopped crying. After that point, he dedicated his life to serving and protecting the innocent. When he was of age, he enlisted in the Naboo Defense Forces where he honed his talents as a soldier. His skills with a blaster rifle were commendatory, but it was his skill in a cockpit that got him noticed. He exceeded expectations in almost every category, and he became a fighter pilot. For years, he fought pirates and smugglers, always being a wingman, never disobeying orders. It was because of his flight leader's refusal to obey orders did Marcos' life change forever.

First Death:

It was on a training mission that made Marcos believe they angered wrathful spirits. What could go wrong, did go wrong. A simple dogfight simulation in atmospheric turned into a nightmare. After the initial fly past, his squadron leader told them to engage evasive maneuvers. Marcos turned his fighter around, angling it high and to the left to gain positional advantage. His flight leader, to Marcos' surprise, ordered Marcos to get behind his tail to provide cover while he engaged an enemy. Marcos initially refused as it was contrary to the Squadron Leader's orders. However, Marcos followed orders and he dropped in behind his flight leader who followed his target through a canyon. Disaster struck by virtue of his flight leader making a mistake and caught part of the canyon on his wing. The debris, due to Marcos being right behind him, impaled his wing causing malfunctions. Marcos could not eject in time before he too crashed. The impact killed Marcos instantly, or so one might think.

Marcos awoke to a sharp inhale of breath as he found himself laying on a cold examiners table. He looked in the mirror and he saw that he was alive, and that everything was still functioning. Marcos was confused, and he could not help but revert to his training from survival school. He quickly rationalized where he was, and after looking at his chart, he saw that he was considered deceased. Cause of death: blunt force trauma and his neck was broken in no less than three places, all fatal injuries. As he calmed down, he looked over to see his flight leader's body also laying on a cold slab. Looking at his chart, cause of death, blunt force trauma and his neck broken in no less than three places, all fatal injuries. Marcos quickly realized that he was considered dead, and he was dead, and he should be dead. Looking around, Marcos found some clothes from another poor soul who died and he carefully made his way out of the building. It did not dawn on him until he was outside the facility that if everyone thought he was dead, so would his family think he was dead. He could not return.

First Teacher

By luck, Marcos was able to leave Naboo and travel to Dantooine. Knowing he was a dead man walking, Marcos avoided everyone and he made his way to the forests, where he felt the first buzz. Marcos panicked, as he did not know what it was nor where it came from, only that when he turned around, there was an old woman standing behind him. She lowered her hood and introduced herself as Kara Kade, an immortal whose first death was at 50, who had lived for over 1,800 years. Kara instructed Marcos on the way of the Immortal, as well as the rules that goes with being an immortal. She also taught him something invaluable, hacking a system to clear his tracks. She was a master splicer, and she gave him just enough to be able to erase his identity and ensure he could travel without leaving a trace. She taught him how to hide in plain sight, and hold his feelings close to him so Jedi nor Sith could track him easily. She even taught him how to fight using a sword, as well as the art of using death to his advantage. No one chases after a dead man. With good terms separating between the two of them, he ventured forth and he noticed that things had changed. He would later find out he had spent 60 years with the woman. Everyone who knew him was dead, all believing they outlived him. She also gave him a stern warning.

"Never fall in love, nothing will make you take your own head more."

First Kill and Quickening

As Marcos was a pilot, he quickly found a job working on a freighter. There was not much to the job, as no one really asked questions and thanks to Kara all of his background came back clean. Marcos then realized that he was over 90 years old, and yet he never looked a day older than 30, the age when he first died and became immortal. On one run, Marcos felt the buzz again, and this time it came from a gang who called themselves 'The Eternal Bane.' It did not take long for a fight to break out, Marcos being met by Rex Onta, an immortal aged 940. They escaped the main fight and they met in an abandoned cargo bay where they dueled to the death.

At first, it looked like Onyx was going to lose his neck, but thankfully Rex in his anger made a mistake. Rex lowered his guard for just a moment in taunting and Marcos was able to stab Rex's bicep, rendering the sword arm useless. Using Kara's advice to never give his opponent time to recover (as some can heal quicker than others), he pressed home the attack before finally taking Rex's head off of his shoulders. The quickening was a large one, due to Rex being that old and powerful. Marcos screamed as the electricity flowed through him and the lightning started blowing things up around him. Circuits fried and all went dark. When he returned to his crew, he realized that he was now suddenly more proficient with firearms as well as close quarters combat.

Throughout the following centuries, Marcos traveled the galaxy, coming across other immortals who would rather play the defensive version of the Game rather than being a headhunter. Some helped Marcos hone his skills, and he had many teachers to help develop some of his techniques, mortals and immortals alike. Marcos subsequently had no choice but to kill three more immortals to save his own neck.

Second Kill - Wangi

Karl Wangi, 340, a known Corellian criminal lost his head when he lost control of his trousers. Karl crossed Marcos' path when Marcos was 121 years old. Karl was known to be a drunk, always high on spice, and always played a lethal scam. It worked in two parts. The first part: Karl finding the most "liberal" female he could and convince her that he was rich and wealthy and her being too out of it to question it. The second part: find a crew, lure them into a false sense of security, and then bring them back to their ship as passengers onto their next destination. Once everyone was asleep, he would kill the woman, then everyone else on board, forge documents claiming he bought the vessel from the owner, send them off into space, and sell the ship to the highest bidder. What Karl did not take into consideration was Marcos as a passenger on that ship. Taking advantage of Marcos' young age and relative inexperience in dealing with foul immortals, Marcos did not suspect anything. It did not work for Karl as Marcos woke up to a battle raging outside of his quarters.

Karl made the mistake of coming after his "lady friend" last, and she put up a fight. Sadly, she was slain, but not before she was able to make a cut on his trousers, causing them to be severely weakened. Marcos ran out with his sword in hand right as Karl was about to get to Marcos. They dueled throughout the ship, Marcos defending himself as he waited for a mistake. The mistake was made when Karl lunged at Marcos stabbing him in the stomach. The weakness in the trousers gave way and Marcos watched as the pants fell down. Losing his mobility, Karl focused more on getting his pants back up, and Marcos pressed home the advantage, finishing Karl off. Remembering the Quickening would probably tear apart the ship, he braced himself as the lightning started flashing and the power started to rush to Marcos. It was through the Quickening that Marcos learned some of the sacred arts of diplomacy. He did not have long to appreciate it though. After the ship dropped out of hyperspace during the quickening, the engines and other systems went critical, and Marcos had no choice but to get in the escape pod. What made Marcos curse under his breath was that most of his belongings went with the ship.

Third Kill - Kan

Su-Twi Kan, a twi'lek woman, 200, wanted vengeance for Marcos playing a part in a corporate security team that killed her husband and gang leader Pax Zalas. Pax and his gang were supposed to raid a warehouse to get a large shipment of Imperial weapons for their own uses. However, Marcos' bosses discovered the plan and they prepared for an ambush. Marcos did his part in the combat, and ultimately he went against Pax himself. Due to Onyx having several hundred years of combat experience and practice, he was able to outsmart Pax and overpower him. Even though Marcos did not want him dead, Pax gave him no choice. Even though Marcos killed him, Marcos gave the credit to his boss, who was more than glad to take the credit. Su-Twi, upon hearing the news of Pax's death, sought after Marcos' boss decades later. He died before he had a chance to tell her the truth of who really killed Pax.

Marcos, who did not know any better, was captivated by Su-Twi, who expressed lust and affection for the immortal, being one herself. She told him about her skills as an infiltrator, and how her knowledge helped her ex husband with so many different jobs. Marcos did not ask for his name, but it was as she kissed him in the heat of the passion she muttered Pax's name. His reaction gave up the truth, and within seconds, she reached for her sword and Marcos had to defend himself. It was no surprise that in her wrath filled attacks that she was both angry at Marcos for being the true killer of Pax and at herself for being in a relationship with the one immortal who killed him. Marcos begged her to stop, but by instinct, Marcos ended the fight when he saw an opening. He gained her skills as an infiltrator as well as some of her speed.

Fourth Kill - Kassa

The last of his four kills was a cocky Rodian by the alias of Kassa, aged 99, who used poisons and other weapons to achieve easy kills. Marcos became aware of Kassa at the beginning of the end of the Republic. Marcos was serving as a bodyguard for Ambassador Lu Zal to the planet Bakura in the year 97 BBY. Already hundreds of years old, Marcos used all of his previous three kills to be a counter agent as well as a nameless Bodyguard for Ambassador Zal. It was during that time that the droid revolt took place, and no one was able to come or go. Kassa, who took advantage of the chaos, tried his best to kill Marcos and take his head, making him more powerful as Marcos had killed several powerful immortals in his opinion.

Disguised as a doctor, Kassa got too greedy in his plan and made too many mistakes. Marcos could not match the Rodian's speed as he tried to escape. A nearby hound though, who was faster, was within reach of Marcos. Tuning into the creature, Marcos got that extra burst of speed and was able to close the distance to be effective in combat. What Marcos did not see coming was that Kassa's sword was lined with poison, and Marcos felt the effects immediately. Marcos was on his knees and Kassa closed the gap to take Onyx's head. Still in tune with the hound, Marcos used the last of his strength to end Kassa's life and experienced his fourth and to date final quickening. He died after the quickening ended, but due to the energy of the Quickening, he healed quickly and he came back to life. The knowledge of Survival was passed down to Marcos.

Later Life

He had indeed fallen in love when he was 300 years old (Rebeku Adorifa), and he watched her die of old age when he turned 370. It hurt, oh did it hurt, but he did not regret one minute of it all. With all of that in mind, he continues to explore the galaxy, always ready and able to join with a group of like minded people, for a little while, hoping that he would never have to risk his secret coming out. He knows the time of the Gathering could be at any time, and in the end there can be only one. In the meantime, with no clear risk of him losing his head any time soon, he could have as much fun as he could.

Physical Description:

Marcos looks as old as he did when he crashed on that fateful day. His eyes, though still youthful, radiate a maturity and an age that is not commonly seen outside of a retirement home where veterans talk of wars of yesteryear. Old scars long since healed, leaving nothing distinguishable on his body to give away his true age or identity.


A wanderer with a caring spirit ready to do what is right. Marcos, no matter how tempted will never violate any Immortal laws or traditions, Holy Ground is to always be sacred. In all respects, Marcos is a friendly, patient, and has an air of sarcasm in his voice at times. A morbid sense of humor is required to cope with the centuries of life and death hanging in the balance at the tip of a sword.


Survive long enough to either take part in The Gathering, or be the last Immortal.


"I'm not afraid to die, death is the easy part. It's the dying part that sucks."
"It always feels like someone is watching me, even after all these centuries."

Template: Pilot
Prestige Class(es):
Character Name: Marcos Dregs
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 546 (looks 28)
DOB: 580 BBY
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 85kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0.26
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20 +10 for background = 30-20: 10
Cyber Points: 0
Quickening Points: 9
Immortal Kills: 4 @
Move: 10
Place of Birth: Matooa (small village on Naboo)
Homeworld: None, drifter (Naboo)
ATA: ?

DEXTERITY 3D+1: blaster 3D+1, dodge 3D+1, (s)melee combat: long-sword 7D+1 (+1D[+2D] from kill, +1D[+2D] from 7D), (A) martial arts 1D (Cost: 10 CPs)
PERCEPTION 3D: con 3D, (s)forgery: permits and ID's 3D+1, hide 3D, persuasion 3D, search 3D, sneak 5D (+1D from kill, +1D from 7D)
STRENGTH 4D: brawling combat 6D (+2D from 7D), lifting 4D, stamina 5D (+1D from 7D)
KNOWLEDGE 3D: alien species 3D, business 3D, cultures 3D, herbology 3D (Cost: 5 CPs), streetwise 3D, survival 4D (+1D from kill), tactics 3D, (s)value: ancient artifacts 3D+1, willpower 3D
MECHANICAL 2D+1: archaic starship piloting 2D+1, communications 2D+2, sensors 2D+1, space transports 2D+1
TECHNICAL 2D+1: computer program/repair 2D+1, first aid 2D+1, (As) engineering: swords 1D (Cost 5 CPs), melee weapon repair 2D+1 (+1D from 7D), security 3D+1 (+1D from kill)


Technical: Hover Vehicle Repair
Knowledge: Intimidation



Credits: 2000 (on person), 10,000 (in bank or hidden location)


  1. Adamantium Long Sword: STR +2D+2
  2. Blaster: 4D (small sensor-proof compartment in handle containing Life Chip) *
  3. Syntherope (50 meters + 2 grappling hooks)
  4. Chronometer
  5. Secure Comlink
  6. Backpack
  7. Long Riders Coat
  8. Up to 5 Contacts (may have more depending on age, all can be created or the GM can create them)
*: Note that the Life Chip may be hidden anywhere the Player wants. The above is just a suggestion.

Marcos Dregs' Adamantium Long Sword

Type: Long-Sword
Scale: Character
Skill: (s)Melee Combat: Long-Sword
Weight: 12kg
Cost: Unknown
Availability: X
Body: 6D [GM: this may change base on materials]
Body Material: Adamantium [GM: details coming soon]
Range: 1 meter
Damage: STR+3D+1
Description: Made from Adamantium, one of the strongest materials in the know galaxy. This is a perfectly formed and balanced weapon with the added bonus of vibro technology that greatly increases damage.
Game Notes: The added damage from the vibro portion of the weapon can be turned off, decreasing damage by 2D to STR+1D+1.

Click on image for full size






Animal Energy N/A When extra strength is needed, the Immortal may "tune in" to the rhythm of any animal and use it to push longer and harder for short periods of time. In game terms, this adds +1 or +2 to Move and +1D or +2D to Stamina (depending on the size of the animal: +1/+1D for small creatures, +2/+2D for large) for 3/6 (small/large) rounds as long as the animal is within 300 meters of the Immortal.
Regeneration 1 per roll Immortals have the natural ability to regenerate vital organs when damaged. This ability does not extend to the limbs, which can be lost. See chart below. The time required to regenerate organs is dependent on how badly damaged they are (1 round to 1 day per 1D wound for organs that have been completely destroyed). Normal healing time is 1-5 days at no cost. The only way to reattach an extremity (the limb must be at least 85% whole) is to have it with you while Quickening (in a lightning storm or just after a kill). Spending a QP and rolling Stamina on the chart below may reduce healing time (minimum healing time of 1 round). The Immortal may spend as many QP's as desired to reduce the healing time to the minimum.



Very Easy -30 Minutes
Easy -1 Hour
Moderate -2 Hours
Difficult -4 Hours
Very Difficult -8 Hours
Heroic -16 Hours
Heroic +5 -1 Day

Sense Immortal N/A Warns the Immortal of the presence of another Immortal within 30-60 meters. The distance is only 30 meters for very young Immortals (0-400 years old), 40 meters for young Immortals (401-1000 yrs old), 50 meters for mature Immortals (1001-4000 yrs), 55 meters for old Immortals (4001-8000) and 60 meters for ancient Immortals (8001-13,000+). Very Young Immortals can sense old or ancient Immortals at half their normal distance (15 meters).
Quickening N/A Allows the Immortal to store and use extra energy for whatever task he/she needs to accomplish. This energy is only received during natural Lightning Storms (1 strike of lightning = 1 QP, 0-5 per storm, roll a D6-1) and when killing other Immortals (1 QP per kill / 5). The Immortal may store an unlimited amount of Quickening Points to be used at any time (except to raise skills), even if normal Character Points have been used. Quickening with another Immortal can be accomplished by having both Immortals spend at least 9 of their current QP's at the same time while touching (must be uncovered skin). This allows for mental communication (use Projective and Receptive Telepathy but modify for distance only). The total number of QP's spent at the time of the Quickening, divided by 3, determines the number of dice used for the skill check (i.e..: 9 QP's/3 = 3D) for both Immortals.
Skill Bonus N/A All Immortal PC's get one power (skill) during character generation only, rolled on the Skills Tables. This power adds +1D to the chosen skill beyond the initial 7D and may be increased as a normal skill. Any skill listed, including specializations, may be rolled for. This +1D skill dice may be split up into three specialized skills adding +1D to each.