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Duke Hondo
Jedi Beast Master
Duke Hondo: Jedi Beast Master

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Template: Jedi Beast Master
Prestige Class(es): Jedi Beast Master; L1
Character Name: Duke Hondo
Alias: Night Crawler
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 1.651 meters
Weight: 61.24kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Skin: Dark tan
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 15
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 10
Place of Birth: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
ATA: ?

Background: No family as they died in the Battle of Sepan some 24 years ago. Grew up in an orphanage until I turned 12. I have been on my own since then.

Not sure where my birth took place, but I knew early on that I had special gifts. An old man found me on the streets when I turned 14 and decided I needed some kind of training to hone my special skills. That is the moment I learned of the Jedi and their honor code. My Master (Jukia Surel) was killed trying to negotiate peace between the Ripoblus and the Dimok. He had provided me with only two years of training so I am incomplete and looking for another Master. I set out to use what I have learned and do my best to honor his legacy.

I have been a rogue most of my life. But I, like the Jedi, want to protect the people. I love droids, flying in my light scooter and being totally immersed in the Force. Sometimes I will encounter bouts of dizziness and takes pills to help this. I love to fight with my lightsaber, maybe a little too much. Those starport bars can be dangerous and I want to be ready. Always wanting to conquer the dark side.

Physical Description: See above image

Personality: Peaceful, following the force, strict

Objective: To rescue those that cannot rescue themselves

Quotes: [GM: Needs at least one]

Dexterity 3D: Blaster 3D, dodge 3D, [T] firearms 3D, lightsaber 3D +2D (from 7D) = 5D
Perception 3D: Command 3D, con 3D, investigation 3D, search 3D, sneak 3D
Strength 3D: Brawling combat 3D, climbingjumping 3D, lifting 3D, stamina 3D
Knowledge 2D: Alien species 2D, cultures 2D, languages 2D, survival 2D, willpower 2D
Mechanical 3D: Astrogation 3D, beast riding 3D, repulsorlift ops 3D {-5 from Extra Character Points} +1D (from 7D) = 4D, space transports, [T] starfighter piloting {-3, -2 from ECP} 3D+1
Technical 2D: {([T]As) Engineering: capitol ship (Capitol Ship Repair of 5D required) does not have skill yet, but can be purchased for 5 CP}, first aid, lightsaber repair


Dexterity: Firearms
Dexterity: Thrown Weapons (does not have yet)
Technical: Droid Programming (does not have yet)

Force Skills

Control: 1D (3D max for starting characters) +2D (from 7D) = 3D
Sense: 1D (3D max for starting characters) +2D (from 7D) = 3D

Force Powers

Control: Accelerate Healing, Breath Control, Calm, Control Pain, Emptiness, Hibernation Trance
Sense: Beast Languages, Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Translation
Control & Sense: Projective Telepathy
Control & Alter:
Sense & Alter:
Control, Sense & Alter:


Agile Riposte: Level 1; The character is gifted with defending. +2 to Dodge.
Animal Empathy: Level 2; Character naturally gets along with animals. +1D+1 to all rolls involving interaction with natural animals or -1D+1 to Orneriness.
Animal Friendship: Level 1; +1D Animal Handling and Beast Riding.
Bravery: Level 1; The character will put their life on the line. +1D to attempts to save others.


Dizziness: Level 2 Requires pills to alleviate the dizziness.

  1. Lightsaber 5D +- Control (constructed select color, ask GM about the three gems)
  2. Blaster Pistol 4D (3 extra clips)
  3. Blast Vest +1D+2
  4. Comlink
Credits: 200

[GM Note] The Jedi Beast Master has the option to have a companion in the form of a normal beast of their choosing, with GM approval.

Corusmotors Hi-Flyer Speeder Bike

Type: Speeder Bike
Scale: Speeder
Length: 2.5m
Skills: Repulsorlift Ops Hi-Flyer, Vehicle Weapons
Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 5kg
Cover: 1/4
Altitude Range: Ground level - 1 kilometer
Cost: 6000 (new), 4,500 (used)
Maneuverability: 2D
Move: 140; 400kmh
Body Strength: 2D
Body Materials: [GM: Coming soon]
  Twin Light Blaster Cannons
   Fire Arc Front
   Skill Vehicle Blasters
   Fire Control 2D
   Range 3-50100200
   Damage 4D

Description: Although speeder bikes are very popular on the frontier worlds, their low altitude range makes them impractical for densely populated worlds like Coruscant or Kuat, where buildings can not only be accessed at the ground level but at landing ports many hundreds of meters from the ground. Repulsorlift vehicles such as air-cabs provide transport for the majority of people, but for the young, and the young at heart Corusmotors introduced the Hi Flyer, a speeder bike type vehicle with the altitude range to join the aerial traffic lanes. Not as fast as a true speeder bike and far more expensive.